THE ARENA NEWS-Under Construction-We should be up and running by April 1, 2012.

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This is the new website for The Arena News Please check out all the pages including: Kids Korner, Calendar Corral, Advertisers, Horse related activities, Upcoming Events, Card Corral, Futurity Information and subscription information.

We would like to go Green sometime in the future and provide The Arena News via e-mail.  Any thoughts or comments on that idea?  There are some of us (me included) that still prefer to have the magazine in our hands that we can physically pick up and read, put down and come back to it later.  It's especially nice for all the show bills.  But, by sending it to our subscribers via e-mail, they would get their magazine much quicker.  Something to think about.

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The Arena News is the official publication to receive all your information from the MIDWEST HORSEMAN'S ASSOCIATION. You may obtain your yearly subscription to The Arena News along with a membership to the Midwest Horseman's Association for only $25